One Room Challenge – Reveal

I have been finishing the photo shoot today and was not stressed since the One Room Challenge ended at 11:00 tonight. Normally I do not cut things so close but we had a long way to go on this project and I had two weekends out of town that were work and family related. Sometimes life happens and we need to make it all work…. Anyway, I knew the day would be spent capturing our space and things were going smoothly until……. All of a sudden as I finished up shooting, it occurred to me that the challenge may be on eastern time…… Well, it was. I linked up just in the nick of time and I am so grateful for that. This design was completed using salvaged, antique, heirloom, artisan, and agrarian materials. The only items that were purchased new were the bedding, curtain rods, the pillow on the larger chair, and the planter for the olive tree. I am very pleased with our new master bedroom. It is light, bright, love filled, and functional. Here are some more pictures………

If you saw my blog post on week one it tells you a bit about the space. It is our master bedroom. Back in November, we had to gut it due to some water damage. In the process, we closed in and relocated an exterior door, and added two windows…….which had not even been delivered until after the challenge started. The flooring is original but everything else in the room has been redone to include: wall and ceiling texture, molding, paint, lighting, furniture and accessories. I will post more information this week regarding where the items came from, why I chose them for this space, and how you can get a similar look. For now, I am going to enjoy our beautiful new room from the back of my eyelids…. Happy Mothers Day to my fellow mom’s out there!!!

4 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – Reveal

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment…..and I am glad you liked it! I have been wanting to check out your space….the post with the hanging gallery wall was great! Will make it a point to look today. Take care..


    1. Thanks Angela!! Just followed you on Instagram. We are just starting a project in Boulder. The home will be completely deconstructed and the materials will be redistributed / salvaged by the nonprofit ReSource. Just thought I would mention since you are in Colorado (honest….may end up there some day…love Colorado!). Will check out your ORC room more on your blog. Looks great on Instagram!


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