About A Trouve’ Living……

Hi. I am Marianna. A California girl making the most of our little patch of land near the beach. I love a perfect latte, a great belly laugh, finding treasures, growing things, family time, and beautifully thought out spaces. A Trouve’ Living is a mash up of life experiences mixed with a love for design. While stationed in Germany, I traveled around Europe every chance I had and took with me an appreciation for a way of life that focused on valuing the beauty and usefulness of all things reclaimed, salvaged, heirloom, agrarian, and antique.

After the army, I returned to college and began appraising real estate. While studying for my MBA, I started to focus on architectural salvage…..which I continue today. We have purchased and renovated several homes and are in the process of updating our current home. We have fun projects coming up and I would love to share some tips on how you can successfully incorporate existing materials into your perfectly rustic and refined spaces. I will also talk a bit about growing your own food, flowers, and greenery as all of these practices contribute to a meaningful, healthy, beautiful way of life. So, if you need a new serving bowl, a three stall barn, or anything in between, you can successfully use existing materials. It is a different mindset but once you begin this journey, the possibilities are endless….