One Room Challenge Time…

Inspiration Piece: A Vintage Painting of The California Coast

OK. Here we go!! This is going to be a great six weeks. Getting my toes wet in the One Room Challenge AND getting my bedroom back. Wooohooo! The goal for me in this challenge is to create a beautiful, relaxing space using as many reclaimed, salvaged, heirloom, antique, artisan, and vintage pieces as is possible. I will share my approach to building a room mixing old with new in order to find that perfect balance of rustic and refined. The colors and textures will be neutral and natural with enough color to create interest, and the furniture will be a mix of finishes for a curated look.

Colors and Textures

Did I mention that my room was in BAD shape??? We had a leak and it was gutted. Be prepared as this is not pretty!!

Not to worry! Windows and door came in today….We’ve got this. The first step I always take is to figure out the desired furniture layout. Figure out what pieces you need then measure the optimal height, width, and depth that those pieces should be. Write it down and keep it with you when you shop. This is important because you don’t want to fall in love with that perfect vintage piece that doesn’t fit…. This is the step I will be taking this week. Soooo, check back next week when I reveal the layout and pieces that will be used to anchor the room. To take a look at other guest participants in the One Room Challenge go to In the mean time….have a wonderful week!!