One Room Challenge Week 3

Time to get dirty….paint day!

Hello and hope you have had a great week so far! April 15th has come and gone just in time to focus on the details of this room. While I am still missing a bedside table for my husband, the core pieces are pretty much worked out. I can never say for sure until they are placed in the room…. …then I begin to panic… looked different in my head and in my drawings. Yikes!! Just kidding. I think designing a space should be fun. Every time I begin to stress, I remind myself of how grateful I am to be doing something I love. I also try to buy pieces that speak to me and can easily transition to another area of the house if need be.

The other BIG thing that happened is the installation of the doors and windows. Rewind back to week #1 of the ORC….

Week #1 of the ORC – Here she is in all of her glory!!

We have come a long way in just two weeks. In fact, the room was skim coated this week as well which means….wait for it….. YES! Time to paint. I wish that I could show you an extremely awesome bold choice for a paint color but I have chosen to flood the room with a crisp white paint. I just want the space to be relaxing and uncomplicated, filled with texture and interesting pieces, and white fits the bill for the perfect canvass. We renovated our last house from an early seventies mustard wanna-be Spanish style, to a cape cod style. Colored walls and white baseboards were perfect for that house. This house leans more towards early California meets European countryside… or that is the plan anyway. It was built in 1980 in the hacienda style but each owner has put their different stamp on it. We are now editing the house to fit us. For this style, I like to minimize trim, at least the typical case and base. Since we do not have the budget or the time to remove all of the molding and retexture the walls, I simply paint the walls and molding the same color (with the appropriate finishes). This has worked well in rooms we have put our touch on. Another tip for neutral walls is to paint the ceiling in a soft hue of one of your accent colors. This allows you to achieve a bit of drama in a room with minimal color.

Back to the ORC…. Here is where we are today with the doors and windows installed and the walls skim coated…

She’s coming along!

As you can see, we still have a long way to go… but we are on track and things will really fly together once the room is painted. As far as the color pallet goes, scroll back up to the basket of brushes. The muted blue-green, greys, and naturals will be complimented with a kiss of color. I have mine picked out but would love to hear what color you would use as an accent? Check out my previous ORC blogs for the inspiration pieces and let me know. Always fun to see how people communicate their design style.

In the mean time, planning to move furniture in and begin fine tuning the space this week. This is important because, as I mentioned above, I always have a design plan BUT, I also always tweak it once moved in to a space….so I will need some time to account for any changes that are needed. As always, thanks for checking out the progress. Next week will be full of surprises for us both. Stay tuned….

For more inspiration, go to and take a look at the other featured and guest designers that are working hard and making things happen.

One Room Challenge Time…

Inspiration Piece: A Vintage Painting of The California Coast

OK. Here we go!! This is going to be a great six weeks. Getting my toes wet in the One Room Challenge AND getting my bedroom back. Wooohooo! The goal for me in this challenge is to create a beautiful, relaxing space using as many reclaimed, salvaged, heirloom, antique, artisan, and vintage pieces as is possible. I will share my approach to building a room mixing old with new in order to find that perfect balance of rustic and refined. The colors and textures will be neutral and natural with enough color to create interest, and the furniture will be a mix of finishes for a curated look.

Colors and Textures

Did I mention that my room was in BAD shape??? We had a leak and it was gutted. Be prepared as this is not pretty!!

Not to worry! Windows and door came in today….We’ve got this. The first step I always take is to figure out the desired furniture layout. Figure out what pieces you need then measure the optimal height, width, and depth that those pieces should be. Write it down and keep it with you when you shop. This is important because you don’t want to fall in love with that perfect vintage piece that doesn’t fit…. This is the step I will be taking this week. Soooo, check back next week when I reveal the layout and pieces that will be used to anchor the room. To take a look at other guest participants in the One Room Challenge go to In the mean time….have a wonderful week!!

Spring Fever….

Are you experiencing spring fever? Can’t wait to get your exterior spaces ready to enjoy? I have it bad! So, we have had a ton of rain lately which is a blessing…. but it was nice to have our first bright and sunny weekend. Time to get outside and tackle long neglected outdoor projects. Super excited to get our rose garden planted but my favorite project was sprucing up the gazebo. With a little hard work and some select pieces, the gazebo went from wreck to respite.


Pretty bare bones……. but a great blank canvas to create something special.

An inviting place to kick up the heels after a long days work.

Here are some of the ways I incorporated artisan, reclaimed, repurposed, heirloom, and agrarian items to this design:

Furniture: a mix of husband made and reclaimed. A great tip for covered outdoor spaces is to visit your local consignment store, estate sale, etc. and collect pieces in the right size and scale. Then paint them to create a cohesive grouping.

Planters flanking the entry: I took old wine barrels, drilled holes in the bottom, and planted rose trees to create interest at the entry. Reclaimed wine barrels are easy to find at your local nursery and are also great in lieu of raised beds in your garden.

Accessories: All of the accessories were either reclaimed or heirloom pieces. You don’t necessarily need to go far to find great treasures. I make it a habit to hit the local consignment stores a few times a week…. pieces fly in and out of them like crazy so if you take five minutes to walk through, you are bound to score something you can’t live without.

Agrarian: This time of year our garden is sparse….but the lemon trees are bursting at the seems and we are living on lemonade.

I hope you had a great weekend and find some inspiration in today’s blog. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or topic suggestions. It’s all about creating spaces that are full of character, mixing new with old, and helping the environment along the way….