One Room Challenge Week 4

The devil is in the details…..

This week was a mixed bag for me. While we accomplished a ton, the room is still sitting unfurnished. I am eager to start seeing the fruits our labor…. But I know that a perfectly put together room is not only finished with the appropriate size, scale, flow, and finishes, it has detail that has been well thought out. As noted in my earlier posts, this room is going to be white and bright. In my opinion, the key to pulling off a light neutral filled room is in the details. Nothing is hidden in this type of space. There are no loud patterns to draw your eye to so everything in the room must command just the right amount of attention. Also, in true A’ Trouve style, we are using as many reclaimed, antique, heirloom, agrarian, and artisan crafted pieces as is appropriate for the space. This is where the rustic and refined balance has to be spot on. Since this space is our master bedroom, and because my husband likes things to look a bit more refined, I need to make sure that the end product is more elegant than shabby.

How will these farmhouse style curtain rods become less shabby?

I like these curtain rods. The walls are a very crisp white and I like the texture that these bring to the space…. so to balance the distressing, I am hanging textured linen curtains on simple drop rings.

Wall treatment

These medallions will be painted and installed in two areas with paneling to elevate the white walls.


The soft colored fabrics and white walls will be met with some contrast through the use of metal finishes. We will be using this darker metal in addition to some gold accents to add interest.

Elevated grates

Often overlooked heating and cooling hardware does make a difference. We had the commercial looking slatted grates in the room which are being replaced with this more decorative vintage looking piece. If you are lucky enough to come across vintage grates that fit your ducting, by all means snap those up! They are beautiful and made to last!

Thanks for checking in this week. I am really looking forward the completion of this space and to sharing it with you. For more inspiration and a look at the progress of the other participants, go to