One Room Challenge – Reveal

I have been finishing the photo shoot today and was not stressed since the One Room Challenge ended at 11:00 tonight. Normally I do not cut things so close but we had a long way to go on this project and I had two weekends out of town that were work and family related. Sometimes life happens and we need to make it all work…. Anyway, I knew the day would be spent capturing our space and things were going smoothly until……. All of a sudden as I finished up shooting, it occurred to me that the challenge may be on eastern time…… Well, it was. I linked up just in the nick of time and I am so grateful for that. This design was completed using salvaged, antique, heirloom, artisan, and agrarian materials. The only items that were purchased new were the bedding, curtain rods, the pillow on the larger chair, and the planter for the olive tree. I am very pleased with our new master bedroom. It is light, bright, love filled, and functional. Here are some more pictures………

If you saw my blog post on week one it tells you a bit about the space. It is our master bedroom. Back in November, we had to gut it due to some water damage. In the process, we closed in and relocated an exterior door, and added two windows…….which had not even been delivered until after the challenge started. The flooring is original but everything else in the room has been redone to include: wall and ceiling texture, molding, paint, lighting, furniture and accessories. I will post more information this week regarding where the items came from, why I chose them for this space, and how you can get a similar look. For now, I am going to enjoy our beautiful new room from the back of my eyelids…. Happy Mothers Day to my fellow mom’s out there!!!

One Room Challenge Week 5

Guess Where I Am??

This has been a busy week for sure! As mentioned in the last ORC post, progress was on track. I was moving furniture in for finishing touches and editing…… Let’s just say, that has not yet happened. We did make progress by completing the trim detail but fell short of the goal. Our architectural salvage appraisal business took front seat…. As a result, I am drawing inspiration remotely. Does anybody recognize where I am? Here is a hint…… I had an inspection in Dallas where I am appraising materials from a large estate renovation. Rather than sending their unwanted (beautiful) materials to a landfill, they are donating to Habitat for Humanity Restore. The owners will receive a tax deduction, the landfill will have some relief, and Habitat will raise money for their mission…..oh, and think of the happy Restore shoppers! A win, win for all involved. My daughter and I are overdue for some quality time together so we made it a girls trip….and what’s just outside of Dallas??

You Got It… Magnolia Silos

I will be honest. I was not so sure about what I was going to find here. I started watching Fixer Upper early on and thoroughly enjoyed the show. I thought what they were doing with the silos was brilliant…..but I was apprehensive about the visit. Had it turned into a little Disneyland? Was it going to be too crowded to enjoy? etc, etc. Well, I am happy to say that Rebecca and I absolutely enjoyed ourselves. It was a bit crowded but the outside space is large, the food trucks were super cute (excellent avocado toast), and people were smiling all around us. That last bit was the best surprise. Despite the loads of visitors, the positive fun vibe you see in the show seems to fill the air, the people, and the décor at Magnolia….and that is something I want to bring back to my ORC project….to breathe life into the room. My inspiration for this last leg is to make the room beautiful inside and out. Fill it with positivity and depth of soul.

So that’s my story for week five…… Time to buckle down for the last few days. I am excited to see all of the other ORC spaces and browse their stories. You can find that at

Spring Fever….

Are you experiencing spring fever? Can’t wait to get your exterior spaces ready to enjoy? I have it bad! So, we have had a ton of rain lately which is a blessing…. but it was nice to have our first bright and sunny weekend. Time to get outside and tackle long neglected outdoor projects. Super excited to get our rose garden planted but my favorite project was sprucing up the gazebo. With a little hard work and some select pieces, the gazebo went from wreck to respite.


Pretty bare bones……. but a great blank canvas to create something special.

An inviting place to kick up the heels after a long days work.

Here are some of the ways I incorporated artisan, reclaimed, repurposed, heirloom, and agrarian items to this design:

Furniture: a mix of husband made and reclaimed. A great tip for covered outdoor spaces is to visit your local consignment store, estate sale, etc. and collect pieces in the right size and scale. Then paint them to create a cohesive grouping.

Planters flanking the entry: I took old wine barrels, drilled holes in the bottom, and planted rose trees to create interest at the entry. Reclaimed wine barrels are easy to find at your local nursery and are also great in lieu of raised beds in your garden.

Accessories: All of the accessories were either reclaimed or heirloom pieces. You don’t necessarily need to go far to find great treasures. I make it a habit to hit the local consignment stores a few times a week…. pieces fly in and out of them like crazy so if you take five minutes to walk through, you are bound to score something you can’t live without.

Agrarian: This time of year our garden is sparse….but the lemon trees are bursting at the seems and we are living on lemonade.

I hope you had a great weekend and find some inspiration in today’s blog. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or topic suggestions. It’s all about creating spaces that are full of character, mixing new with old, and helping the environment along the way….